James Woods

What nationality is James Woods?

James Woods is an American national, entertainer, on-screen voice character, and producer.

james woods

Who is James Woods?

He was born in Vernal, Utah, on April 18, 1947, and had a sibling ten years younger. Woods dad, Gail Peyton Woods, was a military insight official who kicked the bucket in 1960 after the routine medical procedure. His mom, Martha A. (née Smith), worked a pre-school after her better half’s death and later got married to Thomas E. Dixon.


He experienced childhood in Warwick, Rhode Island, where he went to Pilgrim High School, from which he graduated in 1965. He is of part Irish plummet and was raised Catholic, quickly filling in as a special stepped area boy.

He, at last, decided to seek after his undergrad learns at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he twofold studied political theory and PC science. Woods expressed on Inside the Actors Studio that he initially expected to follow a profession as an eye specialist. While at MIT, Woods swore to the Theta Delta Chi society.


He was in like manner a working person from the understudy theater bunch “Drama shop,” where he both performed in and coordinated various plays. He was dropped out of MIT in 1969, one semester preceding graduating to seek after a profession in acting.

Woods has admitted that he owes his acting vocation to Tim Affleck (father of entertainers Ben and Casey Affleck), who was a phase administrator at the Theater Company of Boston while Woods was an understudy there.


Woods some well-known roles from 1983 to 2002 are Videodrome, Casino, Nixon, Once Upon a Time in America, Contact, as the voice of Falcón in the movie Stuart Little 2, and in Disney’s animated feature Hercules.

What age is James Woods?

James Woods is an exceptional, talented 72 years old actor and producer. It is saying that age is just a number when you are energetic and young by heart. He still looks young and healthy with a tall height of 5 ft. 11 inches. He spent his life doing different movies, performing on TV shows and being a producer.


His role as a dangerously irresponsible journalist in Oliver stone’s 1986 Salvador earned him limelight, and he got nominated as the best actor. Woods acting is full of humor, energy, and intelligence. Looks can’t be belittled as well.


As the 21st century started, Woods is serving as a specialist in the therapeutic/prisoner spine-chiller John Q., and he loaned his voice to various narratives and energized ventures, including the spin-off Stuart Little 2.


He was a piece of the gathering in the Polish siblings’ Northfork and showed up in Be Cool, the spin-off of getting Shorty. In 2007 he started filling in as the lead on the TV arrangement Shark, and in 2011 he showed up in the change of Straw Dogs and the well-assessed made for HBO docudrama about the breakdown of the American economy.


In spite of his prominence, James presently can’t seem to turn into the superstar some think him equipped for being. His affection for bad, offbeat movies, not precisely glitzy personas and notoriety for over the top conduct, have hampered his profession. The entertainer, be that as it may, appears to savor his picture. “In case I’m fixated, say thanks to God,” he says. “I trust I remain as such.”

James Woods Family:

After the death of his father during a routine operation, he helped his ten years’ younger brother Michael raised. His brother Michael died in 2006 because of a heart attack; after that, he stayed with his mother and his stepfather, Thomas


He was a brilliant student at High school and had exceptional grades, which helped him win a scholarship at the prestigious Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology to major in Political science.

He married a costume designer Kathryn Morrison-Pahoa in 1980, but their married life didn’t last long, and the couple had a separation in 1983. Again in 1989, when wood was 42 years old, he married 26 years old boutique owner Sarah Owens, but they broke up four months later. 

James had terrible luck while having relationships, which is the reason his marriage life didn’t last long. After getting separated from Sarah Owens, he has not since remarried, and neither has children.

Who is James Woods father?

James woods is the son of American Intelligence officer Gail and his mother, Martha is a teacher. His family lived in different locations due to Gail’s army service, and at last, they settled in Warwick, Rhode Island.

James Woods IMDb:

Jimmy, the nickname of woods, was nominated two times for Oscar award. Once as Best Actor in supporting role in 1997 and secondly as the Best Actor in a leading role in 1987.

He has won multiple awards during his career. I will list some of them here. Global Awards, Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, American Television Awards, Awards Circuit Community, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, and Cable Ace Awards are on his tally.

There appeared to be no halting the ascent of this star as he kept on stunning motion picture goers with his momentous adaptability and his capacity to make such exceptional, noteworthy characters.

The time of the 1990s began emphatically with high recognition for his job as Roy Cohn in the TV creation of Citizen Cohn. Woods was similarly noteworthy as slippery hawker Lester Diamond who cons Sharon Stone in Casino, made an enormous H.R. Haldeman in Nixon, depicted sequential headsman Carl Panzram in Killer: A Journal of Murder, and afterward as denounced social liberties professional killer Byron De La Beckwith in Ghosts of Mississippi.

Not to be pigeonholed exclusively as threatening gangsters, Woods has additionally extended his range to envelop giving voice-overs to vivified preparations including Hercules, Hooves of Fire, and Stuart Little 2. 


Woods likewise showed up in the transitioning film Riding in Cars with Boys, in the adulated The Virgin Suicides, as a degenerate medico in Any Given Sunday, and in the parody repulsiveness parody Scary Movie 2. A surprising entertainer with an unimaginably differing scope of acting ability, Woods stays one of Hollywood’s extraordinary driving men.


James Woods Twitter:

James Woods

James Woods joined twitter in 2009 and has a fan following of over 2 million. He always asks for freedom of speech on Twitter. 


In 2018, Woods twitter turned into an announcement board for missing California out of control fire evacuees. He was attributing to sparing lives and rejoining missing friends and family and pets with their families. He likewise helped Alyssa Milano find her horses during the fire utilizing his Twitter hashtag.


Woods’ Twitter account was locked in mid-April 2019 after a tweet, which considered to compromise savagery. He defends in a tweet posted by President Donald Trump. Once he said, he’s leaving twitter until free speech will be allowed following his tweet was removed, which he refused to remove. He was always on the point that freedom of expression is the right of ordinary citizens in a democratic state. That’s the reason he refused to turn down his tweet.

What is James Woods IQ?

James Woods

Most of the time, celebrities got applause for their personality and designer attire they wear. They are the glamour of red carpet and rule their world of fashion, beauty, and acting, but that’s not the instance when it comes to intelligence. James Woods did not only impress his fans as an actor, producer, and director but by his intelligence as well. He has the highest IQ among all the well-known celebrities.


Some resources reveal that James woods have an IQ of 180, which is higher than Einstein and on par with Leonardo da Vinci himself. He scored 1579 in SAT, which includes a maximum score of 800 in reading and 779 in math. Many people have thought that the people with high intelligence must to work in the lab, become a professor, researcher, and gain Nobel prize. But it turns out is not the case with James Wood.


His humor and intelligence reveal a higher IQ. He could have won a noble prize if he was a researcher or scientist, but sadly he is an actor with excellent acting skills. Woods’s talent earned him fame in the world of the media industry.Woods IQ is undoubtedly more than Stephan Hawking, who has an IQ of 170, but he’s not among the smartest alive. There are some mathematicians and scientists who have more IQ than Woods. One of them is Australian Mathematician Terence Tao who has IQ ranging from 225 to 230.

James Woods Casino(1995):

The casino is an American crime film. James played his role as a fictional character named Lester Diamond. Lester Diamond is a supporting antagonist of the 1995 crime film Casino. 

Later in the film, Ginger approaches Ace for $25,000; however, it will not clarify that cash is for whom. Ace makes sense that the money was for Diamond, and Ace discovers Ginger and Diamond sitting together at a coffee shop.

Here Ace reveals to Diamond that he better avoids Ginger, and as Diamond leaves the burger joint a couple of Ace’s men tail him to his vehicle and beat him off (Ginger shouts at Ace out of resentment at the sight of being hurting Diamond, and Ginger expresses that the circumstance was her flaw. Therefore, Diamond didn’t should be whipped).

At the point when Ace and Ginger seek a legal separation, Ginger takes their girl, Amy, to Los Angeles, where they plan on traveling to Europe with Diamond. Much appreciated to a limited extent to Diamond’s impolite and harsh conduct, Ace figures out how to persuade Ginger to return to him. We didn’t saw Lester Diamond for the remainder of the motion picture.

James woods was the supporting character in the cast. He played his role efficiently, and the audience admired him.

Who was Lester Diamond?

Lester Diamond(James Woods) is first accessible while Ace is portraying his first experiences with Ginger McKenna; Diamond describes himself as the previous maggot sweetheart of Ginger, who misuses drugs (counting cocaine). Ace presumes that Ginger just subsidiaries with Diamond since they have known each other for quite a while, and Ginger most likely feels sorry for him.

Not long after Ace and Ginger get married, Ginger gets a telephone call from Diamond, where he expresses that he misses her and that she should miss him also. Ace realizes that Ginger is talking with Diamond. However, he believes her enough by then to not overplay it.

James Woods Denton:

James woods an artist, an exceptional actor. Denton, a village in a valley, is a crime film, Casino, a crime film, and Denton is also one of them. James wood has always been a hard-working actor with a great personality and sexiest looks. The roles which were played by Wood-looks like that he has been for these roles. James wood always got appreciation from his fans for his work.

Now I will share some interesting facts about James Woods. He did more or less thirty-six plays before his Broadway debut in 1970 at Lyceum Theatre. It was the first American production of Frank McMahon’s Borstal Boy. Woods won a Theater World Award for his exceptional performances at the stage in 1972. One of the prominent Hollywood character actors, Woods has done appearances in almost 130 movies and television series. His both marriages didn’t last for a long time. He is the dealer of antiques in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Woods is an avid poker player, plays cash games and many tournaments. He is a devoted video game player as well. He engaged in the WPT’s Hollywood Home Game series in 2004 for the American Stroke Association charity. In July 2015, Woods sued an unknown Twitter user for $10 million over a supposedly defamatory tweet that suggested, ”he was a cocaine addict”.

How much is James Woods net worth?

james woods net worth

James Woods, an American actor, has a net worth 20 million US dollars. He is known for his intellect and unmatchable IQ. He was a brilliant student, but his passion for acting forced him to turn from becoming a political scientist to a full-time actor.


There’s always hard work and self-motivation behind a successful man. From doing small tasks to a prominent acting role, his job is a real motivation for newly growing actors. He started his career with performances on the stages of Broadway and some minor roles in films. Next, he picked up a reputation for his turn in the miniseries Holocaust (NBC, 1978), nearby Meryl Streep. During his first Golden Globe assignment, he earned for his firm execution as an unrepentant executioner in The Onion Field (1979).


With this job, aside from making his big-screen leap forward, he solidified his developing notoriety as one of the most combustible youthful on-screen characters on the scene.

What is James Woods in?

During the 1980s, Woods ventures included Videodrome (1983), Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Salvador (1986), and True Believer (1989). All through the following decade, he showed up in ventures like Citizen Cohn (HBO, 1992), Casino (1995), Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), and Another Day in Paradise (1998).


In addition to his acting roles, he did voice-over works in the animated series Hercules, Family Guy, The Simpsons, as well as in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.